I booked a Private Session and rented a Birth Box during my 5th pregnancy.  Maggie was warm and knowledgeable, teaching us new techniques that addressed our specific issues.  We learned how to use the Rebozo and TENS effectively, both of which were a great help during my labour.  I came away from our session feeling more confident, and went on to have an incredible, medication-free home birth.  I would absolutely recommend these childbirth classes, to new mothers, or to experienced mothers like myself!


Natural Pain Management with Bronwyn & Maggie was the preparation we needed to feel confident in ourselves going into labour & birth. We really liked that they encouraged open discussion of our fears, perceptions, and expectations of labour & birth. The hands-on learning of various comfort measures such as positions in labour, use of a rebozo and birth ball, mindfulness and breathing techniques, and helpful ways a partner can support the process allowed us to walk away from the session feeling confident and excited about our ability to work as a team to cope positively in labour & birth.”

Jon & Melanie

“Left the class [Maggie] feeling less fearful about birth and so much more knowledgeable. Exactly what we needed!”

Kristine & Brian

Bronwyn was an invaluable source of knowledge and strength as I prepared for the birth of my first child. She offered information on pain management and what to expect when my newborn arrived, amongst other topics. In addition to helping me prepare mentally, Bronwyn helped me prepare physically for a natural birth through her “Dancing for Birth” class. She offered suggestions for positions and rebozo techniques that would make for a more successful, enjoyable birthing experience, and helped build my confidence in my innate ability to have my child. After my daughter arrived, I couldn’t believe how prepared I felt, and how pleased I was with the way my labour and delivery went. Thanks to the preparation I did with Bronwyn, I was able to have a natural, intervention-free birth that was an intimate experience for myself and my support people. I could not think of a better birth educator or coach. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the wonderful birth resource that is Bronwyn Addico.


“Maggie did a great job presenting the material. I appreciated the fact that she actually works as a nurses on the labour floor. She gave a lot of first hand experience…She has a great sense of humour. Loved the “Dad Life” video! She seems to thoroughly enjoy teaching. “


“The ice exercise was so beneficial. It helped make my upcoming labour feel real. I greatly appreciated the time Bronwyn took to answer all our questions in depth. We both feel more confident in ourselves and each others ability to employ pain management techniques. Bronwyn is a wealth of knowledge and I felt very supported by her and all the time she spent with me helping me to prepare for birth. The closeness that my partner and I experienced during the birth, was in part, due to the techniques and support roles we learned in class. This has forever changed our relationship in a positive way. We feel a deeper bond that wasn’t there before”


“Maggie was great and funny. It was great, way more info than I had 20 years ago, so much has changed and it was good to know. AWESOME! Very informative and entertaining”

Betty (A client’s mother)

“Great resource! Felt like I was being given facts and not being preached to. Also appreciated the sharing of actual experiences”


“Maggie’s humour was fantastic and really lightened up some of the scarier topics like labour. This course reduced my fears”


“Very knowledgeable and friendly teacher [Maggie]. We learned so much, exceeded our expectations”

Donna & Frederick

“Excellent class! Maggie is very engaging and educated. I would recommend this course to other expecting parents”


“Loved that the teacher [Maggie] had practical experience in labour and delivery”


“Great discussion and interaction. Material was presented very well. Maggie was knowledgeable and able to provide evidence based information”


“Bronwyn was kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I loved this course! I felt it covered a wide range of topics in a respectful, fun, and engaging way. Through these classes I believe my partner and I connected on a deeper level leaving us more prepared for the many different birthing scenarios that could occur. Bronwyn’s style of teaching was warm, engaging, open, and she brought a wealth of knowledge which included her own personal experience as a mother. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family. She is a real gem and a gift to this community. I feel grateful to have taken her class. Thank you Bronwyn”


“I valued the time spent with a knowledgeable woman [Bronwyn], who took the time and care to comfort my mind about various topics. I also liked that the classes helped me to be more present during my pregnancy. The classes also helped the bond between my husband and me.”


“This class is a blast! I encourage all pregnant and postpartum women to give Dancing For Birth™ a try. You will make friends and have fun all while strengthening your abs and pelvis for birth. All of the moves are perfect for labour and really make a difference to move those babes down and out easily. Highly recommend for all!”

Kathy T.

“Dancing For Birth™ classes are such a fun way to gain education and empowerment along with fitness during pregnancy and postpartum.
I love Dancing for Birth classes!!!”

Sara H.

We learned so much from the Condensed Class: breastfeeding tips and tricks, feeding expectations, what to experience in labour. I loved the natural pain management techniques as well as the hand’s on demos for breastfeeding, bathing, and diapering. This was a great class, a lot of information in 4 hours but very valuable information. Also great presentation skills – offering both the personal and medical aspects.

Melanie M.

I loved the honest and open communication about various aspects [of labour and birth] including admitting personal biases on controversial subjects but then presenting the other side. I would definitely recommend your business to others.

Sarah S.

It was really great to have all the suggestions broken down by age for Baby Led Weaning. I loved all the pictures, so cute and reassuring. I have already recommended your business to others!

Heather G.

I learned a lot actually. The most important thing the course did was really teach me what my wife will be going through during childbirth  and afterwards so I can be prepared and better relate. The instructors were both very personable and gave a good mix of the clinical side of things along with the human side of things by providing personal experience. I also really like the group discussions rather than just giving answers.

Will O.

I learned that there is a big mind over matter component. I loved that every day leaving the course I felt much more confident in myself as a soon to be mom with infant care as well as the labouring process. I think you need to expand to Guelph!

Ashleigh F.

I loved learning about natural pain management. The hands on portion (practicing with the mat, ball, kit, rebozo etc) was especially helpful and I feel much more confident and prepared now. Great class! Great topics covered. Thank you!

Katrina K.

I loved the teaching styles of the teachers and general atmosphere of the class. It was fun, education, and lost of time for questions and discussion. I really enjoyed your class. It’s great to see you guys so excited about what you’re teaching!

Carolyn G.

I loved the format of the class and the instruction and instructors. Very comfortable and helpful with questions. The pain management for labour section I think will be the most helpful for my wife and I. Breastfeeding section was very informative. Great stuff!

Jacob G.

Even though other [participants] had a lot more knowledge than I did, it felt very non-judgmental. I was comfortable asking “stupid” questions.

Lisa M.

I learned so many wonderful things throughout the course. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the natural pain management techniques and all of the great breastfeeding information. Lots of fruitful discussion. I loved practicing the pain management techniques so that we could trial what might work best for us. Bronwyn provided us with a wealth of knowledge, great discussion, life experiences. I liked how you integrated knowledge, emotional experience, physical experiences and great resources.

Meaghan R.

We had a wonderful experience during our class session. Bronwyn is incredibly knowledgeable and the curriculum is easy to understand for first time parents. It helps to learn beyond medical knowledge presented in a textbook. Thank you!

K. N.

“I loved the experience, wisdom, and kindness displayed by Bronwyn during each of our sessions. She inspired me to believe in myself and let everything else go. I’m forever grateful to her. Every obstacle can be overcome using the power within oneself. Bronwyn helped me find my power through our sessions. I would have loved to have had a doula like Bronwyn involved in my first pregnancy as well! I also loved that the private sessions could be personalized to your needs.”

Judy S.
Baby-led weaning was definitely the way we wanted to introduce food to our son, but it’s hard to know where to start and it’s easy to start feeling doubtful when our little one kept coughing and gagging on everything we tried to feed him. We are so thankful to have met Maggie and to learn some excellent tips and tricks on how to more easily introduce food. Things got a lot better after and now our son loves mealtime.  In addition, Maggie was a wonderful resource on other topics and she took the time to chat with us when we weren’t sure where to go with some other baby questions and we needed some guidance and a trusted voice to talk to. Thank you!
Amanda & John S.

Baby Led Weaning was an extremely informative and helpful course. Anyone who is considering baby led weaning should definitely take this class.”

Caitie G.

I loved this class (Traditional Prenatal). It was very informative and made me feel more confident about going into labour and becoming a parent.

Jen D.

I loved doing this class (Natural Pain Management Class) with my husband. It helped him find comfort in the process and made us feel like a team. I also loved the openness of the discussion. There was a very welcoming environment, it was a great class! Maggie is very knowledgeable.

Martina B.

The quality of this class (Natural Pain Management) has really prepared us for a normal birth. The variety was amazing and helped both myself and my partner prepare for the big day. Fantastic job!

Lindsey K.

Great hands on experience with personable and seasoned instructors.

Marek K.

Amazing and passionate ladies who are inspiring and full of knowledge. Every class I have taken at Balancing From Birth to Baby has taught me something new in a fun and memorable way. Highly recommended!

Emily F.

I learned so much (from Baby Led Weaning) and am feeling very confident about feeding my little girl. I loved Maggie’s knowledge, positive demeanor and all that she had to share, especially her own personal experience.

Joanna S.

Balancing from Birth to Baby’s Traditional Prenatal class offers an open, non-judgmental environment for expecting parents to learn and discuss topics that we are all thinking about. In the age of information overload, trying to figure out where to begin can be daunting. Bronwyn and Maggie have put together a program that leaves out the confusion and provides you with straightforward, honest information. The program offers a space to discuss not only the physical changes of becoming a mother and parent, but more importantly, leaves room to open up about the emotional and psychological aspects new parents may go through or are already grappling with. This is a great program that has unwrapped the parenthood conversation between my partner and I.  Thank you for the space and knowledge you are sharing with our community!

Lily D.

I feel 1000 times more confident in my own abilities walking out of this classroom. I learned way more than I could have imagined. The stages of labour section was eye opening and made me more confident. I liked the childbirth video, lists we wrote [of concerns] and talking about those in discussion, and the use of props were great visual aids.

Graham B.

Balancing From Birth to Baby was an enjoyable, friendly, and above all informative experience. The amount and method of teaching made me feel more confident and prepared through and leading up to this process. Bronwyn’s ability to mix real life experiences with research and information made it that much more enjoyable. Wonderful class and experience! Thank you!

Claire B.

I really appreciated the focus on both partners and not just the mother. Learned lots! Thank you!

Steve S.

This class was very helpful in prepping for baby. I got to ask a lot of questions with direct and honest answers. I especially like learning about the actual, local breastfeeding help and resources in the region. I am grateful for this experience.

Natalie VE

The condensed session was a really great way for my wife and I to learn the basics of birth and baby care. I left feeling way more confident.

Jeremy R.

The honest, open dialogue felt very easy going. I learned that there are many ways to get to the end result of a happy healthy baby and many ways to cope with the pain of labour and delivery. I would absolutely recommend your business to others.

Caralee K.

“My husband and I feel more prepared for labour and are grateful for the pain management techniques we learned through Balancing From Birth to Baby’s Natural Pain Management course. We are appreciative of their commitment to empower Moms and Dads through pregnancy and birth!”

Allyson S.

Excellent classes for all knowledge levels. Both Maggie & Bronwyn are amazing teachers with lots of wisdom and skills to offer. They excel in preparing us for the emotional side of childbirth, including how to re-frame fear/anxiety. Balancing for Birth to Baby is really the shining star in birth education.

Jenny S.