Who We Are


Our Story:

Maggie & Bronwyn met when Maggie was expecting her second child. Bronwyn was the administrator of the midwifery clinic Maggie used. They became acquaintances and then quickly friends. Maggie & Bronwyn  bonded over their shared beliefs in the types of care women and families deserve during their pregnancies, births, and after. Their passion as prenatal educators further cemented that bond.

Balancing From Birth to Baby rapidly grew from a dream to a beautiful business. Bronwyn and Maggie are determined to bridge the gaps in prenatal, parenting education and Doula services available in the Tri-Cities area. Of the utmost importance is offering balanced medical and holistic information so that their clients can make the best decisions for their families.

In addition to the classes and services the company offers, they also teach childbirth preparation classes as part of the Connecting Pregnancy program at Blue Heron Midwives.

maggie-headshotMaggie’s Story:

Maggie Hilton PN Dip., BScN, RN, Co-Owner, Childbirth & Early Parenting Educator

Maggie entered nursing as a career with the intent to help women and their families bring their babies into the world.

Over the last 8 years of her nursing career, she has done so as a labour and delivery nurse, supporting women and their families through the birth process, helping women understand the changes to their bodies, assisting with breastfeeding and teaching families how to care for their infants. Maggie continues to work at our local community birth hospital, supporting the Labour and Delivery program from the IT department.

Maggie has 8 years of Childbirth Education experience helping to prepare families for the miracle of birth through prenatal education. Maggie also teaches maternal nursing courses including Natural Pain Management at a local Community College.

Maggie has two young children of her own, one of whom was born at home, one in hospital. Maggie’s unique experience as a nurse and mother, combined with her passion for assisting women to have the most fulfilling birth possible, lends itself to being an excellent educator as she sees the importance of balancing both the holistic and medical aspects of birth.

Contact Maggie: maggie@balancingbirthbaby.com

bronwyn-headshotBronwyn’s Story:

Bronwyn Addico Co-Owner, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth & Early Parenting Educator, Virtual Birth Preparation Coach

Bronwyn Addico has been fascinated with pregnancy, birth, and babies for as long as she can remember. After the midwife-assisted home birth of her daughter in 2005, Bronwyn became interested in midwifery.

She worked for Blue Heron Midwives for five years as an administrator and then later as an instructor in the clinics Connecting Pregnancy program.

Bronwyn has worked as a prenatal educator in the KW area for many years. After the birth of her son in 2013, she became a certified Dancing For Birth instructor. She has loved sharing the power of dance and its ability to assist women with birth and postpartum healing in our various classes.

In 2014 she embarked on a journey to become a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor and spent time in California in the Spring of 2016 to further her in-depth training. Bronwyn has been deeply influenced by this program’s view of birth as an initiation into parenting and how to examine your fears of birth and parenting.

In addition, Bronwyn led the Books and Babies program at Words Worth Books for nine years. She is an early literacy expert and loves to share with families the joy of reading with your children.

Bronwyn is a single mother to two wonderful kids. She is able to share a wealth of information based on her vast array of parenting experiences. Bronwyn looks forward to meeting you and supporting you on your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey either in one of her classes, a COACHING session or as a DOULA at your birth.

Contact Bronwyn: bronwyn@balancingbirthbaby.com

Doula Kathy Finney

Kathy’s Story:

Kathy Finney, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

Kathy Finney began her career as a Doula in January 2014.

After the birth of her second son with the guidance of Midwives, Kathy knew there was something special about the extended care they received.

The experience inspired her to look into becoming a doula. She trained with Doulas Inc. in 2014 and 2015.

“After attending my first birth as a Doula I knew this is what I’ve been called to do”.

Kathy is passionate about birth and newborn care.

She is compassionate and detail-oriented with her clients. Kathy works with the unpredictable nature of birth by offering suggestions and guidance throughout the labour process.

As a Postpartum Doula, Kathy is well equipped to personally tailor the needs of the families she supports.

Kathy has taken subsequent training with Still Birthday to become a stillbirth doula as well.

Contact Kathy: kathy@balancingbirthbaby.com


Kourtney’s Story:

Kourtney Legg RN, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

Kourtney has always loved babies. When she became pregnant with her first, she fell deep into the world of birth and knew that her calling was to help others through the biggest changes of their lives.

As a Registered Nurse, she is fascinated by the human body and in complete awe of what the female body is capable of. She feels that birth is so much more than a physical experience. Kourtney loves that, as a doula, she can help families to feel confident, connected, and supported during such a vulnerable and wondrous time. The moment when a new person is added to the world is a once in a lifetime experience and she is honoured each time a family allows her to be a part of it.

Contact Kourtney: kourtney@balancingbirthbaby.com

Katie’s Story:

Katie Vanderveldt, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

Katie Vanderverldt has always had a love for working with people, and especially babies. She certified as a labour and postpartum doula with DoulasINC in 2019.

Katie has wanted to be a mother for as long as she can remember, wishing for one boy and one girl. She was blessed with exactly that! After the birth of her children, and the monumental changes that a new parent goes through, Katie knew that she wanted to support others during such a sacred and vulnerable time.

Katie loves connecting with the heart of each client, uncovering their hopes and fears, and help guide each person through their own optimal experience, and growth into parenthood.

Katie feels strongly that our connection to each other as humans is vitally important to our overall health and well being. She has an innate desire to connect with others and be of service through various forms of support. Combined with her experience of raising two children as a single mother, she is well equipped to accompany parents on their journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Contact Katie: katie@balancingbirthbaby.com