Car Seat Safety


Placing your teeny tiny infant in their car seat for the first time can be nerve racking!


You will ask yourself if  you are 100% confident you’ve installed it correctly? Did you buy the best seat for your infant, for your vehicle? Is your baby positioned properly? Are the straps tight enough to protect your baby in a collision?


Here are some tips from expert Car Seat Technician, Amy Rodwell on how to keep your most precious cargo safe and secure:


1.     Is your baby in their seat tight enough? Are the straps too tight? Did you know that while everyone is concerned these days about making sure baby is in good and tight there is also a major concern with over tightening? While it is rare to have over tightened baby into their car seat, it is a mistake that can be made. Having your baby’s seat belts adjusted perfectly is key to keeping them safe. The “two finger rule” is no longer the industry standard!



2.     Want to get the most out of your seat? Most convertible car seats will give you the best “Bang for your buck”. These seats should be used for as long as possible in the rear facing mode. Switch to forward facing once the max level for height or weight is reached in the rear facing mode. There is no need to rush to the next step! Age doesn’t always equal body mass or maturity level.



3.     The Best car seat for you is… wait for it… the one that fits your vehicle, your child, your budget and will be installed properly 100% of the time.



Amy Rodwell became a CPSAC trained member after her many years of running a home daycare as well as raising her 3 young children. She has always loved the safety aspect of car seats and can now help others get the best use from theirs. Helping to educate people on the easy to use features of their car seats as well as help find the best seat that will work for them is her passion.
Amy lives on a country property outside  New Hamburg with her husband, 3 amazing children under the age of 6, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit a guinea pig and some fish! They all love to go camping and spending lots of time outside.