Car Seat Safety

  Placing your teeny tiny infant in their car seat for the first time can be nerve racking!   You will ask yourself if  you are 100% confident you’ve installed it correctly? Did you buy the best seat for your infant, for your vehicle? Is your baby positioned properly? Are the straps tight enough to …

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Baby Sleep Advice

When I was expecting my first child, I lost count of how many times people told me “you’ll never sleep again!” Not only was that not helpful, but it was also not true. As babies get older, they have the ability to hold more food and potentially sleep longer. Until then, there are some things …

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Books for Babies

Books are a great way to help your baby develop and become a reader for life!   At birth a baby has all the brain cells they need for life, but they need to develop the connections (or synapses) between these cells. These connections are the keys to learning. The brain’s ability to grow these …

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