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Pregnancy, birth and the early days and weeks of parenthood can be a vulnerable and emotional time. Everyone has an opinion (along with a horror story) of what your plans should be. Due to the range of emotions and overwhelm that being in labour creates, it is important for you and your family to feel safe and supported during this process.

Our Doula service can provide this type of support.

Our Doulas are Bronwyn Addico, Kathy Finney, Kourtney Legg, and Anna Kuepfer Wright.

“The doula service exceeded our expectations. Our doulas are birth oracles! They just seemed to know EVERYTHING related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. If we didn’t have doulas, I think our birth experience would have been very different. They were well prepared to help me during labour and postpartum. Both of them were fantastic.” – Joslin G.

You may have heard the word DOULA before, but like many people not know exactly what this means.

To understand what a Doula does during birth, imagine going on a safari. You would not go to a wild game park without a tour guide. You would most likely meet with the guide first and let them know what animals you hope or prefer to see. The tour guide will do their best to help you only see the monkeys and giraffes and avoid the lions. If you do see the lions, your tour guide will reassure you and keep you as comfortable as if you only saw the monkeys and giraffes.

As birth experiences and preferences can be so vastly different, support can look very different from family to family. As birth tour guides, we spend time with you during your pregnancy to get to know you and what your preferences and hopes are for birth and early postpartum. In addition to our prenatal appointments to prepare for birth, we offer unlimited phone, text, and email support.

“Our prenatal sessions were very helpful to discuss what could occur during labour and delivery. You explained a lot of scenarios and procedures so I could understand potential things that may occur during labour. Being able to articulate and say out loud feelings and thoughts to a third party during the pre-birth sessions had real value. Having someone, I developed trust with to have my back during labour and someone who understands birth and has been through it herself was the most beneficial aspect of hiring a doula. My husband can’t relate to the same degree that you are able too, so having you there made it easier for him to know how to support me. This made it easier on us all. The support during labour was everything that I needed. We felt a connection and trust with you right off the bat. This is why we choose you and this is what makes your service so valuable.” – H. & S. N.

Connection between CouplesWe bring two “toolboxes” to assist at your birth. One is our Doula bag that has massage tools, rebozo scarves, essential oils, TENS machine, and many other items that can offer natural pain management and support. The other “toolbox” is our knowledge of birth, different positions and movements for labour, mindfulness and breathing techniques, and ways to reassure mom and partner. What we use is different and unique to each birth. We may crack jokes with one couple while massaging moms lower back, and sing lullabies and give foot rubs at the next birth.

“Thank you for everything you did during labour and delivery. Your physical support was so valuable (especially the hip squeezes!) and it was a relief to know you were there with more ideas and options if I needed them. Your reminders to focus on the present helped me avoid going to a place of fear and I know I could trust you. I was able to labour without drugs because of you and it made the birth empowering and amazing. It was such a different experience from my first birth and for that, I am very grateful. This birth experience was very healing for me. I felt respected, informed, capable, and supported. It was intense and hard but it was a precious family-focused birth. I am grateful to have such a positive story to tell my girls and to empower them. This birth changed my life in many ways and I will always remember and be grateful for your role in it.” – Mary W.

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As Doulas, we see our role as working with both mom AND partner (or other labour support people such as close friends or family who will be present at the birth). During birth, we make sure that both of you are staying hydrated and nourished, and that the partner can take breaks as needed. If either of you is nervous or unsure of what is happening, we offer explanations and reassurance. By working with us, the partner can participate in the birth as much as he or she feels comfortable while knowing that mom feels supported through the whole experience.


“Our Doula was a real team player – willing to take on whatever support role was needed without taking over and giving me room to be a fully present husband to my wife. Having an extra person around meant that someone could always be with my wife when something needed to get done or just doubling down on the comfort measures! Her presence helped us to avoid the fear-tension-pain cycle and have an un-medicated birth. Truly, it made us feel that this is the way birth should be with the mother informed and really respected and supported by knowledgeable, experienced women. Our Doula was essential in making our labour and delivery so positive and amazing.” – Kevin W.


Doulas offer a different type of care than that of medical caregivers. We provide emotional, physical and informational support. We do not do any medical checks, procedures, or deliver babies. Often we are the first to support our clients. Clients can call on us to come to their birthplace whenever they feel they need assistance whereas medical care providers attend once the client is in active labour. We are comfortable attending hospital or midwife-attended home births.


“We became very in tune with our Doula and she with us. We trusted her judgment and supportive voice and it did not conflict with our medical professionals. When everything in our birth plan was changing around us, she stayed the same. Having her there as a constant and an advocate made us feel like we were… in control of our experience. Our Doula truly became part of our partnership during labour and we couldn’t have done it without her. Medical care is important and looks after your body and your baby but a doula looks after you. Having that extra bit of support that you can talk about anything really takes away so much of the worry, pressure, and stress.” – Sonja T.M.

Assess Your Birth ExperienceWe provide support no matter what your birth preferences are or how your labour unfolds. We will never tell you what you should or should not do, but will tell you the pros and cons for each option based on evidence-based information. We can explain further, what is happening in any given situation and provide information to encourage you or your partner to ask the right questions, ensuring everyone is on the same page and you feel empowered in whatever decisions you need to make.


“Our Doulas were fabulous and we instantly felt like a team. We loved their sense of humour too. We felt so prepared for any situation, which was incredibly beneficial because the birth plan was a little unpredictable for us. We received more information about medical procedures from our Doulas than we did from our OB. Working with a Doula team was absolutely the best decision, for peace of mind and filling in all the blanks.” – K & M

“The support was the most beneficial aspect of having a doula. My circumstances were out of the norm and I really appreciated the support prior to the birth and after as well. Having my Doula team walk me through the c-section process was so valuable. As much as I may not have had the birth I wanted/hoped for, you went out of your way to support, encourage, and help me to see that I had the best possible birth for the situation I was in. I have truly enjoyed the time with you and will definitely recommend your services in the future.” – Ange C.



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We also offer assistance after birth. We text our clients daily for the first week after the baby arrives and then every few days until the end of the contract period. Most of our packages include home postpartum visits, where we help you with a variety of needs such as breastfeeding assistance, showing how to care for your infant, helping with light housework and household chores, or holding your baby so you can sleep or shower.


“We didn’t really know what to expect with a Doula, but it was such a relief knowing we had someone in our corner. We were so pleased to have you involved in our baby’s birth. We especially appreciated the postpartum check-ins; they were lovely friendly notes in the blurry early days with a new baby.” – Laura & Alexander


Our Doulas work in a “shared-care” team model, rotating on-call time for births with client appointments. By working with a team of two doulas, you have the benefits of the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of more than just one person. You also have the benefit of knowing that someone is always on call in case you need support earlier than your due date. We take turns being on call for several days at a time so you always have a refreshed doula available to attend to you during your labour. If your labour is longer than 24 hours, the other doula will take over, ensuring that you always have a rested doula that you know and feel comfortable with to support you. You will receive a copy of our on-call schedule for the time period when your labour will occur as well as an invite to our google calendar that features this schedule.


“There was no gap in the service provided by our doula team. We received consistently high-quality service and care from start to finish. Having the emotional and moral support during labour and delivery was so important to the process. We were also happy with the amount of follow up after the birth and appreciated the time you both took with us.” – Andrew & Cheryl


“Everything was very professional from clear contracts to organized on-call calendars, to customized cheat sheets for comfort measures. Our Doulas were personable, warm, funny, and confident.” – M.E. & K.W.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving [my baby] and me through this entire journey. It was well worth the investment. With each fear, fumble, and uncertainty that I had, I was met with care, unwavering faith, and deep knowing and intuition. As a choice mom, I didn’t have a partner, so it was reassuring to know that my Doulas were prepared to offer me that guidance and support during my pregnancy, labour, delivery and afterward. They had my back in a way that no else really could. I strongly recommend your service especially with more than one Doula on the team.” – Amanda.H.

We offer a variety of packages and payment plans to suit your needs. A consult is a great no-obligation way to meet the two Doulas who will be on your team and decide if this feels like a good fit for your birth experience.


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