Great Gifts for Expecting Families

Rather than give another cute outfit for baby, check out our great list of helpful and memorable gifts for expecting families. All of these can work during the holiday season, as baby shower gifts, or anytime you want to show the expecting families in your life some love.

If you are expecting share this list with your friends and family.


Gifts for Before Baby Arrives:


Prenatal Classes: offering the gift of education for expecting parents will help them feel prepared and ready for birth and baby. We’ve got the widest range of classes in the region.

Dancing For Birth TM class is great for pregnancy and after too!


Dancing for Birth TM class: the perfect way to help mom get in shape and ready for her birth. This class will give her TONS of tools to get through pregnancy, and birth with a smile and a swing in her hips!


Pregnancy Massage can help ease those aches and pains as pregnancy progresses and help mom feel relaxed and at ease. Inspire Health and Wellness has RMTs that specialize in prenatal massage.


Prenatal Yoga is a great way to physically prepare for labour as well as feeling relaxed and renewed during pregnancy. Our favorite yoga options are: Queen Street Yoga, Amma Yoga, and Sarah de Poray.


rebozo scarf: this is an incredible tool to wrap around the body in a variety of ways to help alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, facilitate with comfort for birth, and aid in postpartum healing. Bronwyn doen’t attend a birth without one as a doula!


A DIY Pregnancy Survival Kit: put together several items to help get through pregnancy. I would include some essential oils like lavender and peppermint, a heating pad, Epsom salts, jasmine lotion, a few pregnancy and birth books (my favorites are Birthing From Within, Active Birth, and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth), warm fuzzy socks or slippers, red raspberry leaf tea, and of course chocolate.


A Dressed to Deliver Gown: these comfy nightgowns are great for pregnancy, a wonderful garment for birth, and the perfect breastfeeding outfit for the first few weeks with a new baby.


A prenatal photo shoot: if mom doesn’t feel beautiful with her pregnancy a prenatal photo shoot will help her see how gorgeous and glowing she actually is. Both of us have loved working with Karen at Green Apple Photography.


Birth Box Rental: this jam packed box has everything mom and dad will need to get through their birth experience.


Gifts for After Baby:


Meal Delivery Service: a gift certificate to MVP Meals means that mom and dad have healthy meals to enjoy when they are too busy with their baby to cook. MVP Meals is run by a chef and a holistic nutritionist so they can accommodate dietary needs and sensitivities. And their food is incredibly delicious.


Or the services of a personal chef: our friend Dana runs Food Naturally. She does all your shopping, cooks the meals in your home, and leaves you with a stocked freezer and a sparkling kitchen. Bronwyn received a gift certificate for her services when she had her son Elijah and adored Dana’s amazing recipes.


Massage: Knead-a-Break offers in-home postpartum massage. You can book a doula to attend the appointment as well and watch baby while mom gets some precsious self care time.


Cinebabies: help mom (and dad too!) get out of the house and take in a film. You can now buy advanced tickets for this program.


All new moms and dads wish they had an extra set of hands. By giving them the gift of a postpartum doula you can provide that. Postpartum doulas can help with baby care, breastfeeding issues, emotional support, post birth processing, sleep issues, and light housekeeping.


A gift certificate to Cedar Lily. This isn’t just ANY bra store. Andrea will come and do home visits after baby is born and get mom set up in the right nursing bra. She can also convert regular bras into nursing bras. And bonus is that mom doesn’t have to leave the house to get properly fitted.


A pair or two of warm, comfy pajamas. Mom will definitely appreciate this the first few weeks when she is mostly housebound and nursing.


Gift certificates to the couple’s favorite restaurants for couple time and the offer to babysit when they are ready for date night (it might be a few months).


Gifting one or two of these ideas will be dearly appreciated by the new parents in your life.

Love Bronwyn

Bronwyn Addico is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a certified Dancing For Birth TM instructor, a certified Birthing From Within TM mentor. She offers virtual birth and new parenting coaching in addition to her in-class sessions. Bronwyn focuses on empowering her clients to find the tools within themselves to thrive during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Bronwyn is a single mother to 2 wonderful kids. She is able to share a wealth of information based on her vast array of parenting experiences.