Birth and Postpartum Essentials Bag


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Designed to aid, support, and care for expectant parents with all of the Essential items you need at your fingertips during your labour, birth, and postpartum healing. Perfect For Hospital, Home, and Birth Center Births! We used our experience as Nurses, Doulas, and Parents to build the most amazing ALL IN ONE Birth and Postpartum Essentials Bag! Your bag is systematically organized with everything packed into travel packing cubes and pouches with simple to navigate instructions for:⁠ When & How do I use these items? Where to keep these items on hand during my labour or postpartum period?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we include a step-by-step Guide  (downloadable version) to walk you through each item and how best to use it.

We have also included a Pen,  a Birth and Postpartum Journal, and Inspirational Birthing Stickers (You can stick these around your birthing room to help keep you going).

Included in your “KEEP ME IN THE WASHROOM” Pack:

  • Large Packing Cube
  • Info Cards + TIPS
  • Mesh Underwear, 3 pieces
  • Disposable Blue Underpads, 5 pieces (Great to protect your mattress and sheets at home while you sleep)
  • Maternity Pads by Natracare, 10 pieces
  • Disposable Overnight Underwear (Diapers), 5 pieces

Included in your “KEEP THIS BY YOUR BEDSIDE” Pack:

  • Reusable Case
  • Info Cards + TIPS
  • Revive Post Birthing Herbal Bath 0.5 oz (amazing for perineal healing)
  • Substance Mom: New Mama Comfort Tea, 13 g by Matter Company
  • Antiseptic Wipes, 5 individually wrapped packets
  • Birthday Cake Protein Bar, 21 g by Quest (You may need a snack in labour!)
  • Virgin Coconut Oil, 2 ounces (Makes a great massage oil during birth and is also perfect for dry chapped lips and skin)
  • Custom scented Lavender Sweet Bean Birthing Candle 4oz (To create a relaxing atmosphere)
  • Bag of Prunes, 225 g (You’ll want to snack on these after birth)
  • Hair Ties, 10
  • Soft Tissues
  • Sleep Mask
  • Headband

Included in your “VAJAYJAY CLEANSING BOTTLE” Pack:

  • Reusable Case
  • Information Pamphlet filled with TIPS + Product Details
  • Ultimate Upside-Down Vajayjay Cleansing Bottle, with 2 spout heads (An amazing tool to help keep you clean and soothe your sore labia and perineum after birth)

Extra!!!! For your baby

  • Individual diaper change pack including 5 Newborn sized diapers and wipes

Everything is packed into a Beautiful 23L Magenta Weekender Bag. All you need to add for a Hospital Birth are clothes for you and your baby and your favorite toiletries. We have taken all the worry of what to pack away! If you purchased all of these items individually the retail value would be 189.00+HST!


TENS Unit Rental, Optional Delivery Fe

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