Birthin’ Again™


per couple


Upcoming Sessions

January 25 – 10am to 4pm

May 9 – 10am to 4pm



Private Sessions Available


Are you having your second (or subsequent) baby?


Not sure how to deal with a new baby and an older child?


Need a refresher on birth and newborn care?


This 6 hour class is designed for second time (or more) parents. Have a chance to review pain management options, stages of labour, interventions, and postpartum recovery. Explore birth expectations, hopes, and fears based on your previous birth experience(s). Learn how to introduce older siblings to baby, deal with sleep with a newborn and older children, and parent more than one child with finesse.


One father shared:

“I am leaving with more techniques to be a better support to my partner during birth and after. Thank you, you have made the preparation for second time fatherhood easier!”


This class is based on a condensed version of the Birthing From Within™ curriculum.


The breastfeeding advice and labour and delivery tips were so helpful. But by far I appreciated the ideas on how to introduce our newborn baby to her big sister to reduce sibling rivalry and jealousy. This was so very helpful. Thank you!” S.B.