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Class offered quarterly over a Saturday and Sunday.


***Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and social distancing recommendations, we are now offering all of our classes and events as virtual and interactive online sessions! We take the safety of our students and families seriously and feel that this is the best delivery method at this time.***


Upcoming Sessions

January 30 & 31 2021 – 9am-5pm

April 10 &11 2021 – 9am-5pm



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Are you feeling uncertain about how to get ready for the life-changing experience of becoming parents?


Do you crave more as you learn about birth and early parenting, but you are not sure what “more” is or looks like?


Want to feel ready and excited for the full spectrum of birth instead of nervous or trepidatious?



Welcome to Birthing from Within™, our most in-depth and enriching class that will leave you feeling prepared for childbirth and early parenting with both your mind AND heart.



The Birthing From Within weekend was full of insights both on practical and holistic levels. Bronwyn’s approach was presentable and I loved the wide variety of experiences she was able to share with us. It normalized all of the possible ways this journey could go. I am feeling prepared for anything that labour and delivery will throw our way. With this knowledge, I know that my husband and I will make the right educated and intuitive choices for our family. Thank you.” – Jordanna E.



The Birthing From Within™ class covers the core information found in all of our prenatal classes, along with a whole lot more!

Learn how to prepare for birth as a rite of passage, to honor the transition in your identity as you become a parent, and build a foundation for birthing in awareness, whatever the birth location or outcome or events of the birth. The program aims to minimize and prevent emotionally difficult births through compassionate and honest preparation.



In addition to all the core subjects you will find in other prenatal classes Birthing From Within™ also covers:

  • Emotional Support – communication and creating connections
  • Pain Medications – tips for partners, making the choice
  • Coping with Anxiety and Fear for both Mom and Partner
  • Dealing with the Unexpected in birth AND early parenting
  • Birth Culture – dealing with judgment, opinions, and expectations
  • Caesarean Birth – enhancing the OR experience


“I loved this course! …It covered a wide range of topics in a respectful, fun, and engaging way. Through this class I believe my partner and I connected on a deeper level leaving us more prepared for the many different birthing scenarios that could occur. Bronwyn’s style of teaching was warm, engaging, open, and she brought a wealth of knowledge which included her own personal experience as a mother. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family. She is a real gem and a gift to this community. I feel grateful to have taken her class. Thank you Bronwyn” – Carrie M.



Birthing From Within™ knows that each parent’s journey is unique and profound. For this reason, the content that we explore is applicable to many different birth scenarios. For example you will learn about labour hormones as they relate to natural childbirth AND to assisted birth; you will practice coping techniques that are useful for labour pain, feeding discomfort, cesarean recovery, AND new parenthood stress; and, in our self-exploration processes you will gain an understanding that will serve you not only throughout birth but beyond. Previous students have called this class “transformational“!



“I valued the time spent with a knowledgeable woman [Bronwyn], who took the time and care to comfort my mind about various topics. I also liked that the classes helped me to be more present during my pregnancy. The classes also helped the bond between my husband and me.” – Helen T.


This unique curriculum speaks to you individually and as a couple. A portion of the weekend is dedicated to Dads and Partners where we explore your specific needs, help build your labour ‘toolkit’, and feel confident in knowing how to support your partner. Dads and Partners are often surprised at how much they gain from this intensive. One Father shared with us that this class made his fatherhood preparation easier and clearer.


If you are craving deeper exploration in your pregnancy and birth preparation then this class is the right one for you.


“It was worth the (extra) cost to bring us some peace of mind.” – Veronique G.


Class size is limited to 6 couples.

Class offered quarterly over a Saturday and Sunday.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Birthing from Within™”?

Birthing from Within™ classes are based on the work of Pam England, a former midwife who wrote the book Birthing from Within. Pam was inspired to write the book after her own birth experiences helped her to understand that knowing facts about labour and delivery is not enough to prepare you for the journey of labour. The Birthing From Within™ Childbirth Mentor and Doula program grew out of this knowledge.



What makes Birthing from Within™ different from other prenatal classes?

There are so many different classes and approaches to childbirth education, however there are a few things that set Birthing from Within™ apart. Birth is seen as a rite of passage and not just a medical event. Exercises like creating birth art and journalling help you to tap into and deal with your birth expectations, hopes, worries, and fears. You will learn and practice an assortment of pain-coping techniques so that you have options when you get to your birth. And finally the class content is dictated by the needs of the class and not a script that is used regularly.



Why is this class so expensive?

This is our most in-depth class. It covers all the information in our traditional prenatal series, most of the information found in our A La Carte menu, and more. It will fully prepare you for all the twists and turns of your labour and early parenting journey.



What if I don’t have a partner?

You are welcome to attend! You don’t have to have a partner to have a child or come to any of our classes. We do highly recommend that you bring with you to class whoever will be with you during your birth. This could be a friend, your doula, a family member, etc. Anyone you will be relying on for support is welcome to come with you.  


What about same-sex parents?

Balancing from Birth to Baby and Birthing From Within™, value and celebrate parents of all sexualities, gender identities, family configurations, backgrounds and cultures. Our class content and activities will be tailored to your situation and needs along with the needs of the others attending your series.


Can I bring my older children?

Sadly no. This can be an intense learning environment and children can be a distraction and a possible disruption.

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