Coping With Traumatic Birth


An informative and interactive healing experience designed for women who have had a difficult birth or struggle with reconciling their birth experiences.

September 28th 9:30am-4:30pm

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Our birth experience does not always go the way we hoped, envisioned or planned. These experiences can leave women feeling sad, angry or isolated.
This workshop is designed to help you understand the roots of birth trauma and how to resolve traumatic experiences within your own life.

Did your birth experience:

Leave you disappointed or angry?

Not meet your expectations?

When you recall your birth experience do you feel anxious?

Did your birth experience make you feel afraid or out of control?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you.



This workshop will explore the following:

Signs and Symptoms of Birth Trauma
Dealing with anger, anxiety, and depression
Explaining birth trauma to your spouse and loved ones
Fear of Recurrence: How can I face another birth after my previous experience?
Trusting healthcare professionals after birth trauma
Coping Strategies: What are they and how can they help?


This workshop is intended to help start your journey to healing, by sharing knowledge, discussing our experiences in a safe and non-judgmental environment, therefore helping us to better understand why our birth experience left us feeling the way we do. We will learn and grow through knowledge sharing,  peer support, and small group exercises.


For more information or to inquire about individual therapy, contact Lisa Aldworth at or 519-342-3551



Lisa Aldworth, MSW, RSW, is a therapist in private practice in downtown Kitchener. Lisa has spent her career working with women, their families and trauma. Lisa’s specialties include birth trauma, postpartum depression, and anxiety, infertility, chronic pain and illness, childhood sexual abuse, childhood physical and verbal abuse.