Dancing For Birth™ class series




$150.00 for 6 sessions or $30.00 per session



Dancing For Birth™ is experiential childbirth education at its finest!

Learn to trust and move with the sensations of your body.

Practice functional movement that will support your labour and delivery experience.

Have fun, dance, and connect with other mamas!


This class provides more than a gentle workout, it also offers emotional and spiritual support while you go through your pregnancy and new mothering experience. Leave class feeling refreshed and connected to yourself, your baby, and the other women in class.

You don’t need any previous dance experience to love this class. And you can join even if you have two left feet! Dance movements are based on Belly Dance from the Middle East, as well as African, Caribbean, and South America movements. Learn how to move your pelvis to alleviate pregnancy aches, help position your baby for birth, and aid in labour recovery. Class always includes a “free dance” time to get into your body and out of your head – so important to prepare for labour.


“Bronwyn helped me prepare physically for a natural birth through her “Dancing for Birth” class. She offered suggestions for positions and rebozo techniques that would make for a more successful, enjoyable birthing experience, and helped build my confidence in my innate ability to have my child. After my daughter arrived, I couldn’t believe how prepared I felt, and how pleased I was with the way my labour and delivery went. Thanks to the preparation I did with Bronwyn, I was able to have a natural, intervention-free birth that was an intimate experience for myself and my support people.” ― Heather G.


This is a collaborative offering in which you will benefit from the expertise of Birth Doula, Bronwyn Addico and Occupational Therapist, Lara Desrosiers – two Dancing for Birth Instructors with vastly different backgrounds and knowledge to bring variety to your classes!


Bronwyn is a certified Birthing From Within childbirth mentor, doula, and educator.  “I learned about Dancing For Birth™ classes after my son was born. I loved the concept so much – combining dance, connection with baby, mama wisdom – that I became an instructor. I wish that this class had been offered when I was pregnant with him!” 


Lara is owner of Pelvic Resilience, an Occupational Therapy practice focused on pelvic health and maternal wellness. Experience the full benefits by committing to the whole series, or come when you can!


This class is held at Amma Yoga.

Reviews & Testimonials

“This class is a blast! I encourage all pregnant and postpartum women to give Dancing For Birth™ a try. You will make friends and have fun all while strengthening your abs and pelvis for birth. All of the moves are perfect for labor and really make a difference to move those babes down and out easily. Highly recommend for all!”  – Kathy T.


“Dancing For Birth™ classes are such a fun way to gain education and empowerment along with fitness during pregnancy and postpartum.
I love Dancing for Birth classes!!!” – Sara H.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point in my pregnancy should I attend DFB™ classes?
You can begin taking classes right away. The sooner you begin attending the better, to best support your prenatal fitness, your birth learning and planning, and your baby’s fetal position.


My baby is due any day now, is it too late for me to come to DFB™ classes?
It’s not too late. Every class is filled with information and techniques you’ll utilize at your birth, so get to as many classes as you can before your big day!


I’m not yet pregnant, but I’m planning to be, can I come?
Yes. DFB™ classes were created to support your whole journey, preconception to postpartum.


What should I wear to class?
Wear clothes that don’t inhibit your freedom of movement. T-shirts and shorts or leggings under skirts work well. We use veils and coin scarves as props depending on what type of dancing I am teaching. I provide these as part of the class. We dance with bare feet, so you don’t need any special footwear. However you should wear a supportive bra for class.



I’m having pregnancy related pelvic dysfunction, can DFB™ classes help me?
Yes. The movements you’ll learn in class help to strengthen and stabilize your pelvis, which helps to resolve the dysfunction. I can tailor the movements to support any pregnancy related issues you maybe having. Class has also helped to relieve others with sciatica issues and pubic symphysis diastasis.


My baby is breech. Can DFB™ classes help me?
Yes. Dancing For Birth™ classes have developed techniques that are effective at helping babies to turn head down.


I’m pregnant with multiple babies, is this class right for me?
Yes. These moves are specifically created for pregnancy. Each woman listens to her body and takes it at her own pace.

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