We are excited to announce that most of our classes and workshops will be returning in person starting in September 2022
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One thing I often hear from pregnant moms and couples is that they aren’t sure they should take a prenatal class.

The other thing I’m also told regularly by postpartum moms and families is that they love the idea of the different classes that we offer and they wish they had been able to take some of our A La Carte sessions when they were pregnant.

If you are trying to decide if you need to take a prenatal class or not, you may want to consider these points:

How prepared do you feel you already are for this experience?

If you are involved in birth or child care to some degree or another you may not feel you need further education. However in that case your partner may want to take a class so that they are able to support you through this experience and they have a good idea of what to expect.

This is how Scott, Maggie’s husband, felt when she was pregnant both times with their children. Even though Maggie works in birth daily as a labour and delivery nurse and is a childbirth educator, Scott didn’t know what to expect. He ultimately felt more prepared to support her and Maggie learned a few things she didn’t know as a nurse.

Examine your own birth beliefs. For example: Is birth something you are afraid of? Have you only heard negative things about breastfeeding? Do you feel you’ll be fine with birth as long as you trust your body? Look closely at your assumptions. These can have a great effect on your labour and early parenting experience. A prenatal class can help you to explore your fears and assumptions about birth and to clarify and educate you on all of the twists and turns labour and early parenting can take. This way you are able to approach your experience with a clear and open mind.

And finally, when you applied for your driver’s license you had to take some sort of driver’s training program. If you didn’t you could be a danger to yourself and to other drivers and pedestrians. In a similar vein, knowing what to expect in labour, how to expect the unexpected, and how to care for yourself and baby means that you are able to safely navigate through your birth and early parenting experience.

I have had many couples comment to me, after their child was born, that they were so glad they took a prenatal class. That they felt prepared and that when unwished for events occurred they knew what their options were, where to get more information, what questions to ask.

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Love, Bronwyn