Bronwyn was an invaluable source of knowledge and strength as I prepared for the birth of my first child. She offered information on pain management and what to expect when my newborn arrived, amongst other topics. In addition to helping me prepare mentally, Bronwyn helped me prepare physically for a natural birth through her “Dancing for Birth” class. She offered suggestions for positions and rebozo techniques that would make for a more successful, enjoyable birthing experience, and helped build my confidence in my innate ability to have my child. After my daughter arrived, I couldn’t believe how prepared I felt, and how pleased I was with the way my labour and delivery went. Thanks to the preparation I did with Bronwyn, I was able to have a natural, intervention-free birth that was an intimate experience for myself and my support people. I could not think of a better birth educator or coach. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the wonderful birth resource that is Bronwyn Addico.