To Swaddle or not to Swaddle?


That is the question…


Who would have ever thought that the topic of infant swaddling would become a hot topic of such great debate?


As new research becomes available the practice of swaddling babies is falling out of fashion. Most hospitals recommend against swaddling and most prenatal courses don’t even teach swaddling anymore.


But why? What’s changed? Here’s what:


New evidence has come to light to show that babies are at higher risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if they are overheated. Let’s face it, we live in Canada and the winters here are cold. So the thought of putting our wee one to bed in 2 layers of clothing with NO BLANKETS seems strange, but this is the recommendation of the Canadian Pediatric Society.


Most parents think that snuggling their little one up in a thick cozy blanket rolled up like an adorable baby burrito is the best thing to help them sleep by keeping them warm and holding their arms tight to prevent them from “startling themselves” awake.


If you do choose to swaddle your little one, the following are recommended to reduce the risk.

  1. Use a light cotton or muslin blanket to swaddle. Using fluffy fleece increases the risk of overheating.
  2. Don’t swaddle your baby if you are going to sleep. Swaddle your baby when they need comfort but you are awake to supervise them.
  3. Swaddle your baby only when they need comfort. If your baby gets too “used” to being swaddled, it can be difficult to wean them from the habit.

Bronwyn & Maggie