Packing a bag for your birth shouldn’t feel like packing for a week’s vacation abroad. You’ll have your arms full enough on the way into the hospital and on the way home with your new little one, don’t fill them up with un-needed stuff just to drag it back and forth. Remember if all goes well, you’ll only be there 6-24 hours so you don’t need that much to get by. Even if you are having a planned home birth it never hurts to have a few things set aside just in case plans change last minute. That’s not really the time you want to be running around looking for a clean pair of underwear.  Here’s a simple list of essentials you should pack.

  1. Any prescription medications you currently take. Your care providers need to know if you have any existing health conditions.
  2. Phone numbers of important people to call.
  3. Any labour aids you will require. IPod, Massage tools, cold/hot packs. Check out our Birth Box
  4. 2 pairs of Granny Panties. Yeah I said granny panties! No thongs or itty bitty things. You need some major butt coverage to hold those maternity pads in place after baby is born.
  5. 3 or 4 Maternity Pads. Just like the underwear, you don’t want the “light days” skinny ones, you want the big ‘ol, night time, extra long, extra wide with wings, Super Duper Absorbency kind. You’ve had 9-10 months’ period free, time to make up for it.
  6. Comfy Pyjama’s. You’ll be tired, overjoyed and seeking comfort. Something those not so sexy hospital gown’s lack. Bring something comfortable that has easy access for breastfeeding if you are choosing to do so.
  7. Bring your own hair elastics, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush in travel sizes in case you feel the need to shower before you go home. They call it labour for a reason, and it can make you pretty smelly.
  8. 5 diapers for baby. This should get you through the first few hours easily, don’t bother with a whole package just bring enough to get you through 12 hours of meconium.
  9. 2 adorable outfits for baby. Bring a back up in case baby is bigger or smaller than you expected or in case they inevitably pee or poop on the first one.
  10. Camera!!! These are precious moments and only happen once. You’ll want to capture them (make sure the battery is charged, you will NEVER live that down).

That’s it! If you end up needing to stay at the hospital longer someone can always go fetch you something from home and bring it to you or to baby. Enjoy having your arms all filled up with your precious baby.

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