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Womanly Art of BreastfeedingThis book is written by La Leche League, an international organization that promotes teaches and counsels women about breastfeeding. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding discusses breastfeeding from infant to toddler.

I profess to have avoided it for years as I have had two successful breastfeeding experiences with my children. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the book covers much more. It includes information about birth and newborn care, dealing with unwelcome visitors and criticism, weaning, and going back to work amongst other topics. I am very impressed with the breadth and depth of what La Leche League has explored. I think this is an excellent book for new parents for that reason.

One concept that I loved in the book is the idea that your baby is used to being fed continuously through the umbilical cord and this is why a baby expects frequent feedings. I hear parents asking constantly why their baby needs to eat so much when they are firstborn. I always talk about the baby’s stomach sizes (the size of a chickpea) when they are newborns. I think this explanation also makes sense.

The book also discusses the “Three Keeps”, the three things you need to take care of if breastfeeding isn’t working. These are: keeping your milk flowing, keeping your baby fed, and keeping your baby close.

And I am very impressed with so much of the newborn preparation and baby care information. For example, the “Nobody Told Me” list about life with a newborn (it’s about 2 pages) is an invaluable resource.

Another great section is about the first night that your baby realizes they are no longer in the womb. I have never seen anything like this in any other new baby book. It gives a thorough idea of the different ways your baby could behave and how to help them to feel safe and help yourself not feel frustrated.

The section on baby sleep habits is fantastic. Bed-sharing in a safe and responsible way is explored as well as other sleeping solutions.

I generally recommend Dr. Sear’s Baby Book or Penelope Leach’s Your Baby and Child as a basic parent go-to (rather than Google!) however this is an excellent resource that you may want to consider purchasing before your baby is born.

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