Unless otherwise noted, most of our classes and workshops are now in person at Blue Heron Midwives 105-30 Dupont St E in Waterloo. Covid safety measures are in place so we can learn together as safely as possible.

Childbirth Education From Balancing Birth To Baby

Full Prenatal Class - Weekend or Weeknight

Learn how to prepare for birth and the stages of labour. Practice a variety of comfort measures and natural pain management techniques. Feel prepared for medical pain management, common interventions and cesarean birth if these events become part of your journey.

Childbirth classes are a great way to prepare for labour and birth. The typical class consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises, all led by a trained childbirth instructor.

Our goal is to provide you with information to prepare for childbirth, help you make decisions, and build confidence in yourself and your partner. You will learn techniques to help you relax & cope with labour as well as how to thrive in your new role as a parent.

Our childbirth classes cover some of the more common childbirth complications and how they might be handled. We encourage group discussion and asking questions. 

We guarantee you will leave our classes feeling more knowledgeable and prepared for birth and parenting.

What The Classes Will Cover

  • When to go to the hospital or when to call your Midwife or Doctor
  • The signs of labour
  • The normal progress of labour & birth
  • Natural pain management techniques
  • Pain Medications and their use in labour
  • Interventions and obstacles during labour and birth
  • How your partner/support person can help you during labour
  • Postpartum recovery and planning
  • Newborn Care
  • Infant Feeding
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship following baby

"I can honestly say I'm glad we took the class. I learned so much about things I never even knew I'd have to know. It's so empowering to have a sense of comfort walking into the hospital when it's time to have your little one and you have an idea of what's to come."

- Eshtera C.


Weekend Classes

These classes are offered monthly over a Saturday and Sunday.

Class size is limited to 8 couples.

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Weeknight Classes

These classes are provided one night a week for 3 consecutive weeks.

Class size is limited to 8 couples.

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The most important thing the course did was really teach me what my wife will be going through during childbirth  and afterwards so I can be prepared and better relate. The instructors were both very personable and gave a good mix of the clinical side of things along with the human side of things by providing personal experience. I also really like the group discussions rather than just giving answers.

- Will O.

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