Cesarean Birth Preparation

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Are you having a planned cesarean birth?

Is having a cesarean birth a fear?

This one of a kind class eliminates fears surrounding the cesarean birth process and empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to prepare you for and enjoy your birth experience.

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This session is offered as a Private Session in your own home or over Zoom.

This 3-hour session will help prepare you for surgery, learn about the cesarean birth process and recovery, as well as special considerations for newborn care. You will also be given the opportunity to explore your feelings about cesarean birth to help you feel emotionally ready to meet your baby. Also discover ways you can support yourself and your partner through this experience.

I am on my third pregnancy now, my first two born by emergency cesarean. I got so much information out of the Cesarean prep class that I wish I would have known during my first two caesareans! I think anyone going through labour should take this class to be prepared for the just in case scenarios because the medical teams at the hospital really don't give you much information at all! It was awesome to have Maggie teaching because she has real-world work experience and knows exactly how things are done at the present time! I had done some prenatal prep through my midwives the first time around but I would highly recommend taking these classes because it goes into way more detail!

- Katie S.

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