Babycare 101

Childbirth Education From Balancing Birth To Baby

Feel Confident And Ready To Meet Your Little One With This 3 Hour Class That Will Help You Trust Your Parenting Instincts And Delve Deep Into The First 3 Months Of Your Baby’s Life.

Are you expecting and have little experience with babies?

Are you feeling apprehensive about bringing baby home?

Want to make sure that you thrive and not just survive early parenthood?

This hands-on class features advice to help you handle the first few months of parenthood like a pro. Find out what to expect the first 24 hours all the way through to the end of the “4th Trimester”. Recognize the cues your baby shows you when they are hungry, tired or bored. Learn about normal sleep patterns, newborn behaviour, and how to foster healthy development. Discover a variety of ways to meet your baby’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs and how to remain calm while doing so. Feel excited to have fun and learn ways to bond with your baby.

We have had many families take both our Full Prenatal class and the Babycare 101 class. There is some overlap in both classes: diaper changes, swaddling, bathing, and breastfeeding positions. Many participants have told us that they valued the extra practice of these skills in both classes. However, there is much more in the Babycare class that we don't have time to cover in the Full Prenatal - infant development, sleep routines, the fourth trimester, baby communication, how to deal with gas, colic, and much more. We often have families send their parents to this class to get a baby refresher as well!

"Baby Care 101 course exceeded our expectations. The detailed insights into 4th-trimester care were not only informative but also incredibly practical. The instructors demonstrated a deep understanding, making the learning experience enjoyable and empowering. Our confidence in caring for our newborn soared, thanks to this comprehensive course. Highly commendable!" - Victor Moreno Five Star Google Review

What The Classes Will Cover

  • Newborn – What to Expect

  • The 4th Trimester

  • How Baby Communicates

  • Crying/Sleep/Feeding

  • Baby Care

  • What To Do If Baby is Sick

  • Bonding

  • Development


Babycare 101 Classes

Class size is limited to 8 couples.

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Even if you’ve read some books, this fun and upbeat course gives you a real perspective on what you may experience and allows an interactive experience to learn more. I felt that all my questions were answered. Thank you!

- Keith B.

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