Private Sessions From Balancing Birth To Baby

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are always available upon request.

You may want to consider this option if your schedule prevents you from attending one of our scheduled class times or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with group dynamics. Maybe you are looking for specific advice on birth or parenting. Or you have mobility issues that prevent you from attending a class.

Each private session is a minimum of 2 hours and must be paid for in advance to secure your time slot. Sessions are offered online over Zoom, or in the comfort of your home.

Private sessions are billed $55.00/hour for class-based sessions and $65.00/hour for custom sessions. HST is charged in addition to these rates.

We offer private sessions in Waterloo Region and Guelph. If you are requesting a session outside of these areas an additional travel fee may apply and will be invoiced separately. If you would like another couple to join your session an additional charge of $20 per hour plus HST will be billed separately.

We will do our best to accommodate a change of private session date if necessary (subject to availability). Refunds minus a 30% admin fee are available up to 14 days before the session date. Any cancellations after this time are non-refundable.


Before our private session with Maggie, we did not feel prepared for our babies arrival despite having read multiple books and doing our own research. After our time with Maggie, we feel prepared and comfortable with all of the exciting, new, and slightly scary experiences that are to come with the arrival of our baby. She provided expansive knowledge from Western medicine, as well as, perspectives and insight from more natural methods. This helped to lessen my anxiety about childbirth and caring for a newborn. Our session was the best money we spent throughout our entire pregnancy.

- Nikki Shepherd

Class-Based Private Sessions

Private Session

Natural Pain Management

Three hours of natural pain management and comfort measures for labour. To learn more about what this session covers you can read more here

Private Session

Cesarean Birth Preparation

Three hours of cesarean birth preparation. Learn about the OR experience, aftercare and more. To learn more about what this session covers you can read more here.

Private Session

Birthing From WithinTM

Two hours of Birthing From Within TM processes to help you mentally and emotionally prepare for birth and early parenting transformation. To learn more about what this session covers you can read more here

Private Session

Breastfeeding 101

Two hours of breastfeeding instruction to prepare for a successful breastfeeding relationship. To learn more about what this session covers you can read more here

Private Session

Condensed Prenatal

Four hours of prenatal and postpartum instruction and assistance that is based on our Condensed Prenatal class. Topics included: stages of labour, comfort measures, interventions, recovery from birth, baby care, breastfeeding.  To learn more about what this session covers you can read more here

Private Session

Baby Care 101

Three hours of education that is based on our Baby Care 101 class. Topics included: what to expect with a newborn, how infants communicate, dealing with crying and sleep issues, baby care, bonding, and infant development.
 To learn more about what this session covers you can read more here

Maggie is a wealth of information and a pleasure to be around. We had extenuating circumstances due to our daughter being born almost 3 months early. She was very accommodating, and we really enjoyed our customized private information session with her.

- Irene P

Custom Private Sessions


Custom sessions can be structured to touch on the topics that interest you.

  • Stages of Labour Modified (1hr)
  • Stages of Labour Full (2hrs)
  • Natural Pain Management Modified (1hr)
  • Natural Pain Management Full (2hrs),
    Interventions (30 min)
  • Epidural (30min)
  • Cesarean Modified (30 min)
  • Cesarean Full (1hr)
  • Postpartum Healing Modified (30 min)
  • Postpartum Healing Full (1hr)
  • Postpartum Mental Health (30min)
  • Newborn Care Modified (30min)
  • Newborn Care Full (1hr)
  • Breastfeeding Modified (30min)
  • Breastfeeding Full (1hr)
  • Infant Feeding (30min)
  • Sibling Introduction (30min)