Balancing Birth To Baby

Birth Healing Coaching

By working with a coach to heal your birth story, you will gain a new perspective, and your story will change. You will begin to see connections, understand and empathize with parts of the experience that previously you were only able to avoid or judge. This is MUCH faster than waiting for time to heal. ⁣

When you think about your birth do you find yourself feeling:

  • Disappointed
  • Angry
  • Frustrated
  • A deep sadness
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Betrayed

Did your birth experience make you feel afraid or out of control?

Or perhaps you are doing what I did after my second birth, and are trying your best to ignore these feelings and hoping everything that reminds you of that experience will just go away.



What if...

there was something you could do to RESOLVE the difficult moments in your birth?

How would...

your day-to-day life feel if you were no longer triggered by your labour?

What If...

you were no longer affected by the negative beliefs this experience created?

How Would...

you feel if you could look back on your birth and feel positive about it?


What Birth Healing covers

  • Gently explore your birth story and reconcile the underlying beliefs that you have carried since your labour. ⁣
    ⁣the hidden beliefs it has created.
  • Feel inspired to let go and trust in your inner knowing and self-love. ⁣
  • Discover a renewed sense of power and strength and ultimately look back on your birth with grace and gratitude.⁣
  • Have a "tool kit" to continue to do healing work on your own if needed.
  • Feel ready to birth again, if you are planning more children
  • Share your birth story with your care providers so they can treat your healing needs with respect.
  • Renew love and trust in yourself and your physical body
  • Connect with your partner and baby on a deeper level

"I loved the experience, wisdom, and kindness displayed by Bronwyn during each of our sessions. She inspired me to believe in myself and let everything else go. I’m forever grateful to her. Every obstacle can be overcome using the power within oneself. Bronwyn helped me find my power through our sessions."

- Judy S.

Birth Healing

Group Coaching

Work through your birth experience in a small group virtual setting. 

Over these four Zoom sessions, we will uncover the roots of your feelings about your birth,  expose issues your birth has created, and overcome the moments that you still struggle with.

A private Facebook group is offered for all group coaching members to continue the work together in between calls. This program includes a workbook journal so that you can work through the exercises in between the group calls. 

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Birth Healing

Private Coaching

Four to five private Zoom sessions over a month of coaching to heal a previous birth experience. 

Reconcile your underlying beliefs that you have carried since your labour. Feel inspired to let go and trust in your inner knowing and self-love. Discover a renewed sense of power and strength and ultimately look back on your birth with grace and gratitude. 

Each session is recorded so if you want to listen to the call again you can do so. This program includes a workbook journal so that you can work through the exercises in between your private calls. Bronwyn is available for private messaging during the coaching time period for additional support between calls. 

Want To Know More?

Still not sure if birth healing is best for you?
Let's hop on a call and see if we're a good fit.

Bronwyn was kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I loved coaching! I felt it covered a wide range of topics that I was concerned about in a respectful, fun, and engaging way. Through our calls, I believe my partner and I connected on a deeper level leaving us more prepared for the many different birthing scenarios that could occur. Bronwyn’s style is warm, engaging, open, and she brought a wealth of knowledge which included her own personal experience as a mother. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family. She is a real gem and a gift. I feel grateful to have worked with her. Thank you Bronwyn!

- Carrie


Start Your Healing Journey

In our culture, it is the medical birth story that carries the most validity. We ask for medical details when others share their story. We share these details when we tell our story. When we use medical terms, we can emotionally distance ourselves from our grief about what happened. This does not allow time and space to make sense of or even process your birth journey.

Many women who struggle with a difficult birth experience feel a sense of failure: their body failed them, or their voice failed them when they couldn’t find the words they need to express themselves. The word failure is in many birth medical terms, such as failure to progress.

It is easy to judge yourself and at the same time feel like a victim. The internal judge blames you for what happened. The victim blames others. You can feel like a ping-pong ball bouncing between your thought cycles. When we live in a culture that focuses on a healthy mom, healthy baby as the outcome (instead of the bare minimum) it can be hard to feel grateful for health AND reconcile with a birth experience that left us feeling much less than we had hoped for. ⁣ So often my birth healing clients have been told by others that it will take time to get over this or to let time heal this experience. ⁣

Time can aid in healing, but WHY WAIT for time to soften the hurt and sadness you are carrying right now?

Bronwyn is a great listener who provided a safe space for healing and gently challenged me to explore my feelings and experiences. I no longer clench up and feel overwhelmed when thinking of my traumatic birth experience. I feel a calm distance from it and I am able to let go of strong negative feelings that used to be very raw and painful for me. It was an important part of the healing process for me and made a big difference going into a subsequent birth. I am no longer gripped with fear and suspicion.

- Mary W.

Bronwyn Doula KW

Hi, I'm Bronwyn

I have worked with pregnant and new families since 2014 as a Childbirth Educator, and Birth and Postpartum Doula. I have years of training with the Birthing From Within program that also includes a focus on birth healing work.

My second birth was a traumatic experience. My work to heal was part of what inspired me to take the training that I have and work with women throughout their birth and parenting journey.

Although I am not a social worker or therapist, the women who have worked with me no longer feel triggered by their births. They are able to feel compassion and love for their experience.

Bronwyn’s birth trauma workshop allowed me to see my experience through a different lens. Her gentle leadership through the exercises provoked me to inquire within myself, on a deeper level than I had been able to do on my own This experience has kick-started my journey to healing.

- Annonymous


Within the first call! All my clients feel tangible shifts and changes in their thoughts and feelings. And by the end of our time together, if you do the work I assign in between calls, and fully participate in this process, you will feel more empowered and resilient for birth then you had imagined.

I share journal prompts and simple activities for you to do between our calls. These would only take a few hours a week but will add immensely to the effectiveness of our work and time together.

I highly recommend taking a prenatal class no matter what. As a Birth Preparation coach, I cannot speak to your hospital and caregiver’s specific practices like a local childbirth class could. We can explore what classes would be the best fit for you as part of our work together.

I also highly recommend working with a doula for your labour (I work as a doula as well). However, if you feel you already have a supportive birth team and you are able to share with them the tools that we create in our work together you may not feel the need to hire one to support you. Again, we can explore this in our work together.

To book a call, you use my online calendar link to find a mutually agreeable time for both of us. The calls use Zoom communication. You will receive a link to log into the call once you have booked. You can log in using the Zoom app, or through your phone or computer browser. Generally, calls are weekly or bi-weekly and last for 1-2 hours depending on the work we are doing on that specific call. I record all calls and I share the recording links and my notes with you within 24 hours after our call.

Yes, I offer email and Voxer Messenger App support between calls – you can email or message me any questions, concerns, or a-ha moments in between calls. I get back to clients within 48 hours (usually much less than that).

Each coaching package has a downloadable journal and other activity PDFs that will help you continue this work between calls and once our time has come to an end. I also share additional support materials depending on your unique situation and needs.