Birthing From Within


Walking home tonight after leading a natural pain management session I felt so grateful for the opportunity to teach and share about birth.

This has been a journey for me. After the birth of my daughter (more than a decade ago), I was inspired by my experience and the influence my midwife’s support had on me. I struggled with how to share this with other women.

For a time I strived to be a midwife. I became an administrator at a midwifery clinic (where I worked for 5 years).  Shortly after I realized that the reality of being a midwife wasn’t for me. I still wanted to be involved with birth but was unsure of what that could look like.

Then Birthing From Within entered my life…

birthingfromwithin-310x450I had read the book during my first pregnancy and appreciated much of its wisdom. However, when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my son, the book became my bible through a precarious time.

I loved the idea of not trying to create a particular type of birth, but of working on my own issues so that I would feel a sense of satisfaction however my birth turned out. The birth art exercises (which I used for journaling) helped me feel grounded in an unstable time in my life. And the ideas and practices explored around pain were like nothing I had read anywhere else.

Shortly before my maternity leave was over I found out that the Birthing From Within TM program was going to be offering an introductory workshop on my son’s first birthday in Toronto. I jumped at the chance to be part of what turned out to be a life-changing three days.

I came out of the experience invigorated and humbled. And a tad overwhelmed! The childbirth mentor and doula program they offer is incredibly in-depth and demanding. The required reading list looks like a university syllabus. There are monthly calls that you must participate in and write reports on. And among other things, you have to commit to daily mindfulness practice to be able to teach the program’s pain coping techniques.

But I was hooked and went all in. I took the ideas that I learned and started applying them to the classes that I was teaching in both obvious and subtle ways. And somehow through the ups and downs of becoming a single mom, I completed the requirements for the first level of the program. In the spring of 2015, I attended an advanced retreat in California for a week. Also, life-changing – and even more humbling.

So at today’s session, I lead couples through several exercises exploring their relationship to pain and how to support each other during labour. The session culminated in the couples practicing a series of “contractions”. I watched the tenderness between each of them. I witnessed the connection they shared. And I saw their intuitiveness for their partner emerge as they got deeper into the different techniques as a “dress rehearsal” for birth. Each couple expressed these things differently.

Observing this I realized that this is my favorite aspect of the work I  now do. I feel honored for the opportunity to witness the bond between couples. It fills my heart with joy to help families prepare for their birth journey.

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Love Bronwyn

Bronwyn Addico is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a certified Dancing For Birth TM instructor, a certified Birthing From Within TM mentor. She offers virtual birth and new parenting coaching in addition to her in-class sessions. Bronwyn focuses on empowering her clients to find the tools within themselves to thrive during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Bronwyn is a single mother to 2 wonderful kids. She is able to share a wealth of information based on her vast array of parenting experiences.