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Birthin’ Again™

Childbirth Education From Balancing Birth To Baby

It’s exciting to be adding to your family.

But this new change can also feel nerve-wracking.

Are you having your second (or subsequent) baby?

Not sure how to deal with a new baby and an older child?

Need a refresher on birth and newborn care?

It’s exciting to be adding to your family. But this new change can also feel nerve-wracking.

How will you handle sleep with a newborn AND older children?

Will your firstborn have jealousy or sibling rivalry issues when they meet their new sibling?

Birthin’ Again is a custom-designed class specifically for second-time or more parents.

Each parent who attends fills in a questionnaire before the class outlining their most pressing concerns. This allows us to ensure your unique needs are met.

What The Classes Will Cover

  • Learn how to introduce older siblings to baby
  • Deal with sleep with a newborn and older children
  • Handle breastfeeding and older childcare at the same time
  • And parent more than one child with finesse.

As well, have a chance to:

    • Review pain management options
    • Go over stages of labour and possible interventions
    • Get tips on how to handle postpartum recovery
    • Explore birth expectations, hopes, and fears based on your previous birth experience(s).

Birthin’ Again™ Classes

This class is based on a condensed version of the Birthing From Within™ curriculum.

Class size is limited to 8 couples.

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The breastfeeding advice and labour and delivery tips were so helpful. But by far I appreciated the ideas on how to introduce our newborn baby to her big sister to reduce sibling rivalry and jealousy. This was so very helpful. Thank you!

- S.B.

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