Coaching – Birth Prep



How soon will I experience positive results?

Within the first call! All my clients feel tangible shifts and changes in their thoughts and feelings. And by the end of our time together, if you do the work I assign in between calls, and fully participate in this process, you will feel more empowered and resilient for birth then you had imagined.

What kind of work do you require between calls? 

I share journal prompts and simple activities for you to do between our calls. These would only take a few hours a week but will add immensely to the effectiveness of our work and time together.

Should I still take a prenatal class and/or hire a doula?

I highly recommend taking a prenatal class no matter what. As a Birth Preparation coach, I cannot speak to your hospital and caregiver’s specific practices like a local childbirth class could. We can explore what classes would be the best fit for you as part of our work together.

I also highly recommend working with a doula for your labour (I work as a doula as well), however if you feel you already have a supportive birth team and you are able to share with them the tools that we create in our work together you may not feel the need to hire one to support you. Again, we can explore this in our work together.

How do the calls work?

To book a call, you use my online calendar link to find a mutually agreeable time for both of us. The calls use Zoom communication. You will receive a link to log into the call once you have booked. You can log in using the Zoom app, or through your phone or computer browser. Generally, calls are weekly or bi-weekly and last for 1-2 hours depending on the work we are doing on that specific call. I record all calls and I share the recording links and my notes with you within 24 hours after our call.

Do you offer any support between calls?

Yes, I offer email and Voxer Messenger App support between calls – you can email or message me any questions, concerns, or a-ha moments in between calls. I get back to clients within 48 hours (usually much less than that).

What other forms of support do I receive?

Each coaching package has a downloadable journal and other activity PDFs that will help you continue this work between calls and once our time has come to an end. I also share additional support materials depending on your unique situation and needs.