Breastfeeding 101

This session is offered as a Private Session in your own home or at our office.

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Private Sessions Available


Are you worried you won’t be able to breastfeed?


Not sure how breastfeeding works?


Want to learn how to get the best start?



This informative class will leave you with answers and ready to thrive in your breastfeeding relationship with your baby!



“I loved learning about the different breastfeeding holds. Thank you for your willingness to answer my many questions so honestly.” – Katie



This 2-hour class goes beyond the basics to guide you through the joys of breastfeeding. Dispel common myths and misconceptions, discover how you can get the best start and the best latch. Find out how to know if your baby is getting enough milk. Get tips and tricks to overcome common obstacles.



“I thoroughly enjoyed all the great breastfeeding information. There was lots of fruitful discussion. You provided a wealth of information, life experiences, and great resources. Thank you!” – Megan R.



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