Infant Safety Night



Upcoming Event Dates:

January 7, 2020

March 10, 2020

May 5, 2020



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Join us for our Infant Safety Night!


Knowing what to do and how to act if your child is choking or stops breathing, is a skill that will pay you back 10 fold should you ever need to call upon that knowledge. CPR is a life saving skill that all new parents, caregivers and grandparents should all have tucked away in their tool belts in case of an emergency.


Ricki Bristow, a seasoned Paramedic and owner of Good Samaritan First Aid and certified Car Seat Technician, will demonstrate Infant CPR skills and what to do if your child is choking. She will also discuss common medical concerns like how and when to treat fevers and rashes, car seat safety and more.


You are guaranteed to leave this workshop with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to keep your baby safe. This workshop is not only helpful for parents but also grandparents and other caregivers as well!


Please note: This course will teach you basic skills to be used on your own child in your own home, this is not a CPR certification course.