We are excited to announce that most of our classes and workshops will be returning in person starting in September 2022
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    Great Gifts for Expecting Families

    Not sure what to get the expecting mother in your life? Wanting something more useful or creative than another cute outfit for baby? Look no further! Check out our list of helpful and memorable gifts for expecting families, featuring Canadian, local and small businesses! All of these can work during the holiday season, as baby …

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    Recovering from the Heartbreak of Miscarriage

    The first thing to know if you’ve had a miscarriage is that it was not your fault. Often when things like this happen, our first response is to try to figure out why. Unfortunately, it’s often impossible to know why a miscarriage has happened. It can be helpful to understand that miscarriages are extremely common – some estimates say 10-20 % of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.

    Newborn Massage : Good for the whole family!

    You are at home with your new bundle of joy. Whether it is your first or fourth, incorporating this little person into your household is a challenge for parents and siblings. Infant massage can be a wonderful way to bond with your tiny human.  There are many studies that show how infant massage can improve …

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    Top 10 Things to pack in your birth bag

    Packing a bag for your birth shouldn’t feel like packing for a week’s vacation abroad. You’ll have your arms full enough on the way into the hospital and on the way home with your new little one, don’t fill them up with un-needed stuff just to drag it back and forth. Remember if all goes …

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    Top 5 Tips for a successful VBAC

    Given that approximately 1 in 4 baby’s is delivered by cesarean birth in Canada, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is becoming more common. Some women and their partner’s may opt to have a repeat cesarean birth, but some may aim to have a VBAC.

    Top 5 Gift ideas for your Baby at Christmas

    With the Holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. When you finally start to panic and think “what do I get my baby for Christmas”? Well what does a baby really want? There are websites full of thousands of options! How do you choose? What do they need? What’s the hottest trend? Let’s talk about baby’s and Christmas shall we…

    Breastfeeding Fun Facts!

    Growing up, I was never exposed to culture of breastfeeding. I only ever saw the infants being bottle fed formula.  It seems to have been generational and that’s how I thought babies were supposed to be fed. Speaking to my parents about breastfeeding has been very interesting.  They are open to the concept of breastfeeding …

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    To Swaddle or not to Swaddle?

    That is the question…   Who would have ever thought that the topic of infant swaddling would become a hot topic of such great debate?   As new research becomes available the practice of swaddling babies is falling out of fashion. Most hospitals recommend against swaddling and most prenatal courses don’t even teach swaddling anymore.   …

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    Co-Sleeping? Bed-Sharing?

    What’s the difference? Is it safe? It seems the rules on what is safe and what is not when it comes to your baby’s sleep surface often gets muddled so we are here to try to help you wade through the waters of “safe sleep” for you and your baby. Let’s start with a few …

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    Make more milk by eating cookies!

    Lactation Cookie Recipe Need more breastmilk? Or want to get a head start on breastmilk production? These are your magical and tasty solution! These delicious cookies are packed full of natural galactogogues (milk production boosters) and we guarantee they taste far better than any mother’s tea or tincture on the market. Healthy ingredients like Brewers …

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