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    Freezer Meals for Expecting Parents

    Taking time to prepare nutritious and comforting freezer meals before your baby arrives can be a huge advantage in those first few weeks of postpartum. Settling into a new routine with a baby is a time of great joy but it can also feel overwhelming. You probably won’t want to spend too much time thinking …

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    blog image sibling and new baby

    Sibling and New Baby Tips

    Bringing a new baby home brings many joys, but also many challenges. If you have older children, one of those challenges may be helping your toddler or older child accept the new baby. This is a tough transition for many families, so you are definitely not alone in the struggle! Here are all our doula-approved …

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    lactatation cookies

    Make more milk by eating cookies!

    Nutrition and breastmilk supply plus a tasty lactation cookie recipe Worrying about low milk supply is a common concern for new breastfeeding parents. You may have read lots of information about different foods that help increase breastmilk supply and are wondering if they really work. In today’s blog post, we are reviewing the evidence for …

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    common discomforts pic

    Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is such an exciting time with so many changes happening within your body. Though many of these changes are welcome and thrilling, unfortunately, it is very common to experience some unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. Though most women will experience something from this list, everyone is different and will have different symptoms. This list isn’t …

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    youre pregnant

    You’re Pregnant! Now What?

    Congratulations! What an exciting time for you! I’m sure there are a million thoughts and feelings running through your brain right now. Let us take care of some of the work for you – here’s a handy list of things you need to do in the first few weeks and months of pregnancy. First things …

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    emotions during pregnancy

    Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

    Many people have some knowledge of the physical changes that occur with pregnancy but are caught off-guard by the emotional changes that they notice in themselves or their partner. Let’s look at the emotional shifts that can occur in each trimester and some helpful hints for emotional wellness during your pregnancy.

    Books for Babies

    Books are a great way to help your baby develop and become a reader for life! At birth a baby has all the brain cells they need for life, but they need to develop the connections (or synapses) between these cells. These connections are the keys to learning. The brain’s ability to grow these connections …

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    Thriving During Early Motherhood

    Here are some tips, that I regularly share with postpartum mothers, to help them thrive during early motherhood. The emotional after-effects of birth and becoming a mother are huge and all-encompassing. You will be stretched in an infinite number of ways as you journey home from your birth experience to integrating your “old life” into …

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    Summer To Do for You and Your Baby!

    Here’s a Sumer To Do list we put together of some of our favourite activities to attend with our wee ones when the weather is hot: Strawberry picking (Herrles Farm is a favourite in St. Agatha) Check out the Butterfly Conservatory Hang out at the library – both KPL and WPL have great programs for …

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    The Birth Box – Everything you need for a drug free labour in one box!

    Are you planning a drug-free birth? Or are you hoping to delay pain medications as long as possible during labour? Then check out our handy birth tool kit for rent: the ‘Birth Box”. Included in the Birth Box are essential items for pain relief during labour such as a “Rebozo Scarf”, a TENS machine, massage …

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    Recovering from a C-Section Delivery

    Our good friend, and amazing pelvic floor specialist, Beth Albert has some great tips on recovering from a c-section birth: Every delivery is a whirlwind with seemingly endless information thrown at you.   Whether your c-section was planned or not there are some pretty simple guidelines to follow that will help make your immediate and long-term recovery as …

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    When You’re Waiting for Baby

    How To Pass The Time While Waiting For Your Baby To Arrive As your pregnancy gets closer to your due date (or even past your due date), waiting for your baby can be a lesson in patience. With both of my pregnancies, I had pre-labour contractions (not very common) for several days before my labour …

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