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Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an exciting time with so many changes happening within your body. Though many of these changes are welcome and thrilling, unfortunately, it is very common to experience some unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. Though most women will experience something from this list, everyone is different and will have different symptoms. This list isn’t …

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Birth Plans 101

I am often asked about birth plans by the couples in our classes and by my doula and coaching clients. If you don’t know, a birth plan is something that women and their partners write about what they hope will occur during their labour, what they hope to avoid, and anything else they feel is …

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How Painful is Labour?

Questions and fears about labour pain are what I hear most often from doula clients, coaching clients and couples in my childbirth classes. I am not going to lie. Labour can be painful. How painful? Well, that depends. There is a wide variety of pain perceptions and stories about pain levels in labour. Your baby’s …

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