You are at home with your new bundle of joy. Whether it is your first or fourth, incorporating this little person into your household is a challenge for parents and siblings. Infant massage can be  a wonderful way to bond with your tiny human. 

There are many studies that show how infant massage can improve growth rate in  preemies and newborns, aid in neural development, and increase the bond between parents and newborns.

 So how can this ritual help your family in daily life? 

Help your newborn learn what loving touch is through massage.

Including the Whole Family

Infant massage is a fantastic way to encourage a world of trust with your little one. Taking a  few minutes every day and massaging your new baby, will build a sense of trust between parent  and child, and teach them what healthy loving touch is. You will learn your baby’s likes and  dislikes and become familiar with the changes that growth brings. Teach siblings the art of  massaging baby, even if only their feet and hands. This can help encourage respect of personal boundaries.  Massaging baby also offers partners the chance for quality quiet time for one on one bonding. 

Improved Sleep

Yep. It’s true. Studies have shown that infant massage helps babies sleep better. There are  many reasons why, but a big factor is stress relief. Coming into the world is a lot to process,  and a soothing touch is healing to the nervous system, children and adults alike. And when the baby  sleeps, the family sleeps, which leads to a happier household. 

Colic and Constipation Relief

Who doesn’t love a tummy rub, especially if you have a tummy ache? Gentle regular tummy  massage for babies and toddlers, even adults, is a natural way to boost pain relieving oxytocin,  as well as maintain your baby’s gastrointestinal health. Advanced massage techniques can  even help with the discomfort of teething, which can start as early as three months and  continue through the toddler years. 

Ultimately, infant massage is all about encouraging healthy touch and trusting human contact.  As the past year has taught us, human connection is such an important part of a healthy, happy  life. Your massage may change as time passes, but it can aid through childhood and beyond, in  so many ways.

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