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    Freezer Meals for Expecting Parents

    Taking time to prepare nutritious and comforting freezer meals before your baby arrives can be a huge advantage in those first few weeks of postpartum. Settling into a new routine with a baby is a time of great joy but it can also feel overwhelming. You probably won’t want to spend too much time thinking …

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    blog image sibling and new baby

    Sibling and New Baby Tips

    Bringing a new baby home brings many joys, but also many challenges. If you have older children, one of those challenges may be helping your toddler or older child accept the new baby. This is a tough transition for many families, so you are definitely not alone in the struggle! Here are all our doula-approved …

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    lactatation cookies

    Make more milk by eating cookies!

    Nutrition and breastmilk supply plus a tasty lactation cookie recipe Worrying about low milk supply is a common concern for new breastfeeding parents. You may have read lots of information about different foods that help increase breastmilk supply and are wondering if they really work. In today’s blog post, we are reviewing the evidence for …

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    Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is such an exciting time with so many changes happening within your body. Though many of these changes are welcome and thrilling, unfortunately, it is very common to experience some unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. Though most women will experience something from this list, everyone is different and will have different symptoms. This list isn’t …

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    youre pregnant

    You’re Pregnant! Now What?

    Congratulations! What an exciting time for you! I’m sure there are a million thoughts and feelings running through your brain right now. Let us take care of some of the work for you – here’s a handy list of things you need to do in the first few weeks and months of pregnancy. First things …

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    emotions during pregnancy

    Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

    Many people have some knowledge of the physical changes that occur with pregnancy but are caught off-guard by the emotional changes that they notice in themselves or their partner. Let’s look at the emotional shifts that can occur in each trimester and some helpful hints for emotional wellness during your pregnancy.

    Healing a Tough Birth – Pt 1

    The emotions that can surround your birth can be so hard to navigate and even more so if you feel hurt or disappointed by your experience. I applaud your bravery and courage in taking the steps to heal. As you gain a new perspective, your story will change. You will begin to see connections, understand …

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    Affirmations for Birth

    Affirmations can be a powerful and helpful tool to prepare for and during birth. They can keep you feeling positive, motivated, and resilient, especially during moments of uncertainty. I use them often with both my doula and COACHING clients. If using affirmations feels like it could be useful for you, I have some helpful guidelines that …

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    Keep Your Baby Safe: Learn CPR

    Why not give yourself some peace of mind and learn what to do in an emergency to save your child’s life. Knowing what to do and how to act if your child is choking or stops breathing, is a skill that will pay you back 10 fold should you ever need to call upon that knowledge. CPR is a life saving skill that all new parents, caregivers and grandparents should all have tucked away in their tool belts in a break in case of emergency fashion.

    Guest Blog Post – Postpartum Depression

    Becoming a mother was more than just the usual motherhood education. Yes, I was tired. Tired beyond what I had thought tired was before. Not the stayed out all night partying tired. Not the essay writing until the wee hours of the morning, or cramming for exams tired, but a tiredness that seeped into my …

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    Your Secret Weapon for Postpartum Healing

    As a labour and delivery nurse, I was fully aware that my body would go through some things when I had my first child. Even with my wealth of medical knowledge and experience teaching women, it wasn’t enough to prepare me for what I had coming. After 9 pounds of baby passes through your vagina, …

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    Baby Sleep Advice

    When I was expecting my first child, I lost count of how many times people told me “you’ll never sleep again!” Not only was that not helpful, but it was also not true. As babies get older, they have the ability to hold more food and potentially sleep longer. Until then, there are some things …

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