Dance and Birth


Dance has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I took ballet as a little girl until I was 12 or so. Then as a teenager I discovered house music and haven’t stopped dancing since. When I was pregnant with my son Elijah I heard about a program in the States called Dancing For Birth™. I was immediately intrigued and spent time on the company’s website salivating on their program and wishing something like this was offered in our area.


After my son was born I was excited to discover that a training weekend was coming up in Ontario when he was a few months old. I signed up and eagerly counted down to the big weekend.


The program was more in-depth than I had expected.


I learned aspects of birth that I was not aware of like the power of Optimal Fetal Positioning (something I find incredibly fascinating), the amazing strength and flexibility in a woman’s pelvis, and the history of belly dancing (it was created by women to help with birth!).




And then dancing… I learned hip circles and shimmies, and movements with funny names like Down Baby Down and Dilation Gyration. Humour aside I also learned about the benefits for each movement during pregnancy, birth, and for postpartum healing.


I danced all weekend with my son Elijah either on my front or back in his carrier. He loved it and I….


Well I loved it even more!


It is a joy for me to share the incredible power of dance with women preparing for birth and to meet their baby’s.


Love Bronwyn


Bronwyn Addico is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a certified Dancing For Birth TM instructor, a certified Birthing From Within TM mentor. She offers virtual birth and new parenting coaching in addition to her in-class sessions. Bronwyn focuses on empowering her clients to find the tools within themselves to thrive during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Bronwyn is a single mother to 2 wonderful kids. She is able to share a wealth of information based on her vast array of parenting experiences.